Video Course Description

This hour-long video session introduces the direct seller to the methods of effective team leadership and value-based content strategies. Not all members on your team are alike so why would a blanket approach to team management work? This course will help you identify what motivates your team members and how to best inspire them to be successful. This training is part 7 of our Social Marketing Video Coaching series. Purchase the entire series of 7 courses now for the price of 6!

This course will teach you how to...

  • Identify the six different types of consultants.

  • Understand various factors of motivation.

  • Implement the 3P's of Social Content for effective leadership.

  • Understand the concept of servant leadership.

Social proof: testimonials

Strong Team Strategy & Culture

Pam Odd

When I promoted to team leader in my direct sales company, I was ecstatic but overwhelmed so I signed up for this course. Through the discussion and questions in this training, Brenda's practical advice helped me develop a strategy for my team and now we're working to develop a strong team culture. The training also helped me better understand the types of people I have on my team so that I can lead them from where they are and where they want to go, rather than requiring them to follow my own agenda.

Ger the Training!