Video Course Description

This hour-long video session introduces the direct seller to the methods of effective follow-up and service using attraction and relationship-based strategies. This course also includes scripts and suggested topics to use for follow-up via email, message, or phone. This training is part 6 of our Social Marketing Video Coaching series. Purchase the entire series of 7 courses now for the price of 6!

This course will teach you how to...

  • Develop non-spammy strategy for effective follow up.

  • Extend relationship through follow-up.

  • Develop your own method to organize your follow-up system.

Why Follow Up?

One of the best courses I've taken

Coby Nathanson McElroy

Fortune in the Follow-Up is probably one of the best Suite courses I have taken (and I've taken almost all of them!). It gives you the tools you need to rock follow-up which, statistically speaking, is an area where a lot of direct sellers are lacking! The course walks you through why follow-up is a critical component to your business, how to utilize its methods, and actionable scripts that are perfect for use. Believe me when I say I reference this packet frequently!

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