Video Course Description

This hour-long video session now leverages the funnel concepts discussed in the prior session, and goes into detail on how to both source hostess bookings and how to coach party-plan hostesses for optimal party success. Participants will leave this session with an actionable plan and coaching process in order to create your own hostess coaching model - regardless of what brand you might sell. This training is part 4 of our Social Marketing Video Coaching series. Purchase the entire series of 7 courses now for the price of 6!

This course will teach you how to...

  • Effectively source hostess bookings.

  • Coach party-plan hostesses for optimal success.

  • Build your own hostess coaching framework.

Why Hostess Coaching?

Here's what our Socialites are saying about this training.

This course is everything!

Chasity W.

The hostess coaching course was EVERYTHING! Prior to signing up, I would have a few quick chats with my hostesses, share a few random tips, and hope for the best. This course provided me with the tools to develop a step-by-step coaching process that I have been able to easily duplicate for all of my hostesses. What a huge time and stress saver! If you work with hostesses, this course is money well-spent!

This course is a MUST!

Carol Sendelbach

The Video Hostess Coaching course is a MUST for anyone that already utilizes, or would like to utilize, hostesses for their DS parties! After taking the course, I'm more confident when approaching new hostesses and my hostesses are more confident that their party will go well. It makes a difference to know how to batch certain processes that will not only save you and your hostess time but will really help MAXIMIZE her rewards (which is the whole point of having a hostess)! The course explains what should be set up as daily tasks leading up to the party so your hostess is well informed. I can say with confidence that knowing what to teach and how to coach my hostesses has definitely made the party experience more fun for me as well!

Improved online party sales

Jenna Green

The Socialite Suite Hostess Coaching has significantly improved my online party sales! The hostess coaching tips and prep have been key to helping me teach my hostesses how to have successful online parties. It also helped me to overcome my fears of asking potential hostesses to have a party. I loved that I could watch the course at my own pace and go back to sessions when I needed to. I highly recommend this course.

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