Why should I be microblogging for my business?

If you are a direct seller, home-based business owner, or in the business of selling products or services online, your customers probably have an expectation that you have a social media presence. You are expected to post online, engage, and use it as a marketing channel. And you probably want to use it to grow your business as well. The question is, how do you stand out in a crowded online field of hundreds or thousands of other consultants selling the same thing as you? By understanding and climbing the social media pyramid.

The higher you climb on the social media pyramid, the fewer people from your brand that are on that channel, so the easier it is for you to stand out when you post and engage consistently. Not to mention, the more places you are online with consistent profile naming, the more chances you will show up in search results when someone is searching for your brand.

Microblogging on a highly optimized platform such as SassyDirect allows you to get your content out there fast, driving more traffic to your funnel without the hassle of building your own self-hosted blog from scratch, managing your own SEO, marketing, analytics and traffic management.

Key Training Topics

Here's what you can look forward to learning in boot camp!

  • Set Up & Optimization

    We'll walk you through the steps of setting up and optimizing the premium features of your account for greatest funnel potential.

  • Content Ideas

    Not sure what to write about? We'll discuss strategies behind researching prime content ideas and tips for writing compelling member articles.

  • Keywords & Images

    Learn how to research and implement effective keywords, embedded images and alt-tags to increase searchability.

  • Cross Promotion

    Use SassyDirect as your funnel strategy hub! Learn where and how to share your listing for effective cross-promotion.

  • Feature Optimization

    Understand the power behind adding audio and video files to your profile, leveraging the events feature, coupons and more.

  • Monetization Strategies

    We'll discuss an introductory approach to incorporating monetization strategies and affiliate content in your SassyDirect profile.

Microblogging Boot Camp Requirements

The training provided in this boot camp will be specific to optimizing your Premium SassyDirect profile so an active membership on that platform is required.

TIME REQUIREMENT: In order to effectively participate in this boot camp, please plan to allocate 15-20 hours over the course of the two weeks (November 5th-18th, 2018). This will include both LIVE coaching and task execution.

COACHING DELIVERY: All of the LIVE coaching and discussion included with your registration will be delivered in a private Facebook group.

Social proof: testimonials

Loved this bootcamp!

Jenn P., Charmin' with Blueberries and Books

I loved this boot camp. Even though I haven’t completed all my articles, I know how to do it all and have a plan for incorporating SD into my strategy. Thank you for providing this for us!

A huge boost to business!

Kelli W., Be U Boutique

MBBC has really helped me kick up my funnel strategy game. I'm driving more traffic to my shopping site, getting found in search and building my community using the great things I learned in bootcamp. It's fast paced and requires work but if you follow the plan, it is a huge boost to business.

Worth Every Penny!

Carol S., The Stylish Dragon

I am so glad that I decided to take the very first Micro Blogging Boot Camp! I've taken other Boot Camps and I knew going in that this would be fast paced and full of valuable information. I was not wrong! If you are stumped on what to write about, why you should write it, who you are writing to, and how to get the maximum value from your Sassy Direct premium account, then you NEED to take MBBC! By the end of MBBC, I published 13 articles with smart tags and featured/pinnable images, 4 new albums, 1 event, gained 5 new reviews, and even learned how to post a video! During MBBC, I also gained several NEW GROUP MEMBERS!!! I know they were from my member articles because the answer "Google Search" to the question of "How did you find me?" That right there makes Micro Blogging Boot Camp with the Suite worth every penny and every second. Thank you Brenda Ster!!

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