Save Time, Money, & Effort

You know posting consistency is key to building a strong community on social - but who has the time to plan out all of that content?!?

With our brand new Direct Sales Social Media Kit, you now have a clear plan to follow, and the resources you need right at your fingertips, saving you hours upon hours of effort researching content, creating graphics, and building a basic social strategy that delivers.

The Direct Sales Social Media Kit includes:

• 12-month Done-For-You Social Content Calendar + December 2019 BONUS MONTH

• Ready-to-use holiday graphics pack

• Beginner's guide to building a basic social strategy

Your Content Plan for the Year - DONE

Client Testimonials

Huge Time Saver!

Brooke N.

I was able to use this calendar to plan an entire month’s worth of content across all of my social channels in just a few hours! I post more than once a day in some places, so I added in some of my own ideas and left some places blank for me to add in “spontaneous content” if needed. Seeing the three P’s at work in this way has really helped me be able to be more thoughtful about my posting and understanding how to arc into a promotional post. It’s all spelled out right there for you!

One Less Thing to Worry About!

Maria M.

I’m looking forward to using the December content calendar so I can batch all my content for the month in late November and have one less thing to worry about during the busy month of December so I can focus on selling and spending time with my family instead of thinking up social media posts every night.

Helping me stay consistent!

Angelena J.

Using the calendar for December has helped me get ideas for other purposeful content for November. It also has helped me get a game plan for staying consistent. I now know that I can batch graphics while traveling/waiting in airports rather than just brainstorm ideas get lost in that rabbit hole. I’ve got a day job that has me working 70 hours a week. While my makeup and skincare is my passion project, that I want to provide real value with, I don’t always have time to come up with content before it’s time to post.

Heather R.

First of all - the 3P's rhythm has always been something of a struggle for me because I'm very black and white about things that "should be" and at the same time I'm spontaneous TO A FAULT. So I figured that you had to do each P in order to be successful. NOW having seen [the content calendar] all laid out and color [coded] I realize now it's a BLEND of #allthethings and it has freed my mindset with a big fat ALLELUIA! I have since turned every week of November into it's own separate content arc with all 4 arcs leading to one big message that will blast off at the end of the month of November. So from the bottom of my heart, Thank You for [the content calendar]!

Reduced Stress!

Carla T.

The [content calendar] was a HUGE help to me as I was planning my content for December. I plan a couple of months in advance (and by plan, I mean it percolates around in my brain for a couple of weeks). Having a plan reduced my stress and anxiety a TON. I can't wait to be able to get these for the entire year!!

Insanely Valuable

Carol S.

The holiday season is crazy hectic. The stress of needing to come up with interesting and engaging content can be so overwhelming. That’s why this calendar is so insanely valuable to me. The prompts are so perfect! I can easily follow the 3Ps, preschedule my posts, and focus on the other things that need my immediate attention. Thanks Brenda!!

Real Time Saver

Stacy R.

I am loving the content planner. This one item alone is really a time saver. All of my 3p’s planned out in perfect percentages. The daily prompts are often posts that I had not thought of previously. That adds a new peek behind the scenes to my group.

Outline of Ideas at my Fingertips!

Yvette L.

I'm in LOVE with the option to have an outline of ideas at my fingertips. I can get mired in information and content arcs all about my products. The outline has given me ideas on how to add more value for my customers while bringing in more of me.

Conquer Content Like A Boss

The Direct Sales Social Media Kit takes the hassle and overwhelm out of planning your social content with:

  • 13-Months of Social Content

    Stop spending time researching what to post any given day of the year! Our 13-month social content calendar includes a daily posting prompt starting December 1, 2019 and going through December 31, 2020. The calendar also includes prompts for holidays, done-for-you inspirational quotes, links to time saving resources, and more.

  • Ready-to-Use Holiday Graphics

    We're saving you additional time, money, and effort by including a pack of 36 professionally designed, ready-to-use holiday graphics that correspond with the holiday prompts on the calendar. (Scroll down for a sneak peek of some of these gorgeous graphics!)

  • Social Strategy Basics

    Should I have a Facebook Page or Group? How do I move followers from one channel to another? What tools are available to help me streamline and manage my social presence? We're answering these questions and more in the Beginner's Guide to Social Strategy included in this kit.

Done-For-You Social Content Calendar

Strategically planned social content that positions you as someone worth following and strengthens your relationships with your customers.  Featuring an ideal balance of personality, purposeful, and promotional content, your social posts will never feel spammy but rather lead with value and naturally drive to the sale.

Professionally Designed Graphics

Regularly $19.99 on their own, we're including a set of 36 professionally designed, ready-to-use graphics that correspond with the holiday prompts on the social calendar.  No need to research holidays and spend hours creating a graphic to share.  Simply add your logo and post!

More Praise for the Social Media Kit

Vital Tool

Nancy P.

To take some of the stress away from planning social media content for my Origami Owl Facebook business page and Instagram, the social media content calendar from Sassy Suite is AWESOME. It gives me a theme to post each day so I can plan ahead for entire month using the 3 P's-personality, purposeful and promotional. It's going to be a vital tool to assist me in rocking 2020!

Makes Creating Content Arcs so Easy!

Kathy N.

This has already helped me plan my content strategy for Black Friday. I love that is makes the use of the 3 Ps clear, gives me ideas to spark engagement with my tribe, and makes creating content arcs so easy!

Great Visual Reference

Lisa D.

I am brand new to the suite and was super struggling with the 3ps and arcs...this calendar was soo helpful in understanding how to put it all together especially if you're a visual person and new to online DS. When I started overthinking my posts I went back to this just to put me back on track!!

Absolutely Amazing!

Michelle N.

This is going to be absolutely amazing to use. It gives you all the basics of everything you need to do to keep growing.

Keeps me consistent!

Julie M.

I'm busy! My days are full, and sometimes my brain is just empty, empty, empty. But I have an online community that needs my attention, every day! So what do I do on those days when my creativity has left the building? Nothing. I do nothing. And it hurts my community! But this content calendar is my lifeguard when I am drowning!! I can sit down once or twice and plan a whole month of content in advance! Sometimes, I can even schedule those posts, so all I have to do is respond to interaction! When I use the content calendar, I am consistent! And maybe more importantly, my brain has space for my family, friends, and the things I love! It has given me a plan, and that has made all the difference!

Tiffani Y.

I am so excited about the content planner and graphics. They will really help plan ahead and be more consistent. For those that are new or struggling with coming up with content, like myself, this is a game changer. I believe after a couple months doing this my engagement will increase dramatically and I will be able to come up with my own arcs too.