Video Course Description

Are you ready to stand out from the crowded field of other consultants in your brand? We hear you! That's why we created this course - to help you brand yo'self! Over nine lessons, you will learn key strategies to create your own original voice through your original graphics and photography, including: creating your own watermark; downloading and using fonts; creating graphics using free online resources; and learning to take better pictures. This course is 100% self-paced and video-based. Watch and apply these lessons when it is convenient for you and your business.

This course will teach you how to...

  • Create your own watermark.

  • Create and edit your own graphics using free online resources.

  • Create your own mobile graphics.

  • Take eye-catching product photos.

Why Brand Yo' Self?

Here's what our Socialites are saying about this training.

Made all difference!

Lee Anne Clark

Brand Yo' Self with Suite Graphics was the first course I took, and boy, has it made all the difference for me! Not only did it give me a focused and unified look but it also set me apart from every other consultant in my company! I highly recommend taking this course to distinguish yourself and stop the scroll!

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